Current Graphic Design Trends that Will Put Your Business on the Map


Trends are heavily influenced by society and changing interests. They are ephemeral, but tend to reemerge in cycles. Understanding the current graphic design trends can help you create material that appeals to the younger demographic. In fact, many of the current graphic design trends reflect some elements of the past. Therefore, they have the potential to reach a much wider demographic. Some of the current graphic design trends are highlighted below.

Bold, Bright Colors

Making a dramatic statement is the name of the game. In the past, softer tones were preferred.  However, the current graphic design trends feature bright and rich colors inclusive of some very loud neons. Our graphic designers at Pixel Town know how to mix bold colors in the right way to attractively depict your content.

Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes were a popular feature in the 1980s. They’ve resurfaced in various forms and add depth to a graphic design. One particularly intriguing style is the low poly which is a 3D modeling technique often used in gaming. Essentially, geometric designs incorporate one or several geometric shapes to create an additional level of appeal.

Negative Space

Negative space is the white or dark space surrounding the focal point of a design. If used creatively, it can make a graphic design highly interesting. Using negative space creatively allows you to combine several ideas into one seamless image.


There has been a new fixation on retro styles.  These retro styles have filtered into several graphic designs. These current retro graphic designs are inspired by the 1970s to 1990s. Retro styles are often combined with other graphic design trends.

Card-Based Layouts

The rectangular look of card-based layouts provide a seamless experience for website visitors and mobile app users. This is, therefore, one of the most popular layouts used in graphic design. The rectangular cards can be arranged in a variety of ways to create aesthetic appeal.


This trend takes its cue from the traditional printing process. It utilizes bright colors, rich textures, and the misprinting effects of a traditional typewriter.


Motion Graphics

It is now common to see websites featuring images that have some element of movement.  Simple images are given a breath of life with tiny elements of movement. The movement is meant to capture the attention of the viewer. This graphic design trend is a good one to follow.

Flat 2.0

Inspired by minimalism, the Flat 2.0 graphic design aesthetic features vibrant colors, large fonts, white space, and subdued gradients. It is ideal for creating a low loading time for your website. The less things the website has to load, the faster it will load. It is, however, not as attention-grabbing of some of the other graphic design styles previously mentioned.


Our expert graphic designers will create captivating designs for your promotional material and websites inspired by these trends. At Pixel Town, we make each pixel count. Trust us to use these and other trends to create a stunning graphic design.