As the owner of a small or medium sized enterprise, you have several responsibilities on your plate. Juggling all of these responsibilities, while finding the best way to portray your brand, can be a difficult task. Pixel Town will help you with the development of all of the promotional material for your brand. We will also help you establish a strong online presence through the creation of a high-quality and user-friendly website. All of the promotional material we provide and websites we create are filled with content written by some of the best content writing experts. Our services are divided into three main areas: graphic design, website design, and content writing.


Graphic Design

We offer 6 graphic design services: logo designs, business card designs, stationary designs, presentation folder designs, brochures, posters, and flyers.


Logo Design

 Your logo and business name are usually the first things customers see when being introduced to your business. Both your business name and logo, therefore, have to be eye-catching. Our graphic design experts can create any 2D or 3D logo design that aptly depicts your business.

Business Card Designs

 You never know when an opportunity will arise for you to promote your services. An astute business owner always has well-designed business cards on hand. Our graphic design experts can create single or double-sided business cards that will help you remain etched in a potential customer’s memory

Stationary Designs

 Everything that leaves your business should represent your brand. We deign invoices, compliment slips, envelopes, and letter heads that feature your logo and business name. So, your business will always be visible to your clients.


Presentation Folders

 Do you have a presentation to make to some potential investors? Are you having a training session with your staff? Our graphic designers will create stunning designs for your presentation folders. These designs will help boost your presentation and portray your company in a positive light.


 Brochures have been one of the most common promotional materials for decades.  They are a good way to provide potential customers with important details about your business. Our graphic design experts will create stunning bi-fold and tri-fold brochure designs for your business.

Posters and Flyers

 Let us help you create a poster or flyer that pops. Our graphic design experts will use the right colors, images and word positioning to help you reach your target audience. You can trust us to create high-quality posters and flyers.


Website Design

Strong brands have strong websites. Our web design experts will help you create a website that truly stands out. The design and content will be based on your input. You can also choose to have one of SEO experts write the content for the website for an additional fee.

Content Writing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the important actors in website ranking.  There are several SEO strategies. The most popular strategy is SEO content writing. Our content writing experts will create SEO content for your website that features keywords suited for your business. Beautiful and purposeful words will help put your website on the map.